Highlights of recent years

SEPAWA CONGRESS at its best.
Look back with us on the most memorable moments.


The SEPAWA® CONGRESS celebrates its anniversary

The 70th SEPAWA® CONGRESS, held at the Estrel Congress Center in Berlin, has achieved remarkable records. Last week, the talk of the industry’s social media was undoubtedly the SEPAWA® CONGRESS in Berlin.


The SEPAWA® CONGRESS back in Berlin
After two years purely virtual, the SEPAWA® CONGRESS 2022 could finally take place face-to-face again in the Estrel Congress Center in Berlin. The congress was a success all the way!


A second Year of virtual Success
SEPAWA® CONGRESS 2021 was held purely virtually for the second time in the interest of health and safety. Despite everything, it was a success all the way!


The first virtual SEPAWA® CONGRESS
This year was totally different.

With the first virtual SEPAWA® CONGRESS 2020 we have – thanks to your numerous participation – successfully broken new ground into the future!


66 Years of Growth and Success
Not only did we celebrate the 66th anniversary of the SEPAWA® CONGRESS in 2019, we also almost cracked a second record number with a visitor growth of almost 9%. We were able to welcome almost 3,300 visitors this year. We want to say thank you for your loyalty, trust and enthusiasm!


Evaluate, Adapt, Improve
This year, we have continued to adapt to your needs and have further improved on the evaluations of the previous year. We are happy to have you with us but – see for yourself.


A Breath of Fresh Air in Berlin
We took the plunge and moved the SEPAWA® CONGRESS to the ECC Estrel Congress Center in Berlin. This was a big, unprecedented step for all of us. But the SEPAWA® family sticks together, and despite one or two hiccups, the first year in Berlin was a complete success.


Goodbye Fulda!

For 7 years, the Esperanto Congress & Cultural Centre in Fulda had been home to the SEPAWA® CONGRESS, and we look back on a vibrant and successful time. Fulda was an important, real milestone at that time and we thank you for your hospitality and professionalism. Surely we will meet again at some of the events of SEPAWA® e.V. in the course of the year.