Promotion Program

SEPAWA® [Association of Soap, Perfume, Cosmetic and Detergent Experts] e.V. has launched a program to specifically promote young scientists in their field. Up to eight prizes will be awarded annually to outstanding young scientists.

Study & Training

Today’s cosmetics, detergents and cleaning products are subject to constant change, driven by new fashion trends and technical developments, as well as ever-changing regulatory requirements. These interesting everyday products are no longer based on simple traditional recipes and manufacturing instructions. Rather, their development and manufacture is now an interdisciplinary process that requires specialized scientific and technical knowledge. Chemistry, physics, process engineering, microbiology and toxicology form the necessary basic knowledge from which this interesting and extraordinarily diverse field can be developed. Subjects that deal with this product group pave the way for those interested in science and technology to enter a varied professional world whose primary goal is always the consumer-oriented, practical product.